This royal throne of kings...

With many Asian public bathrooms more closely resembling the Trainspotting WC, imagine our excitement in stumbling upon Seoul's best toilet, with the plaque to prove it.
Sure, the heated seat, the three speed bidet with various angles of spray, and the radio are nice options, but can a toilet really claim to be the best without an overhead reading lamp and an attached magazine rack?


Lee and Deanna said...

Mark! Are you kidding? A picture of a toilet! That's a fastball down the middle of the plate - you gotta swing at those!

mark said...

Went to a policito birthday bash last night. Right now the Korean Super Toilet is only going to be useful if has a plug about the size of the eye of a needle.
I don't need all of that fancy gadgetry- just give me the current issue of InTouch Celebrity Weekly, a hole in the ground, and my highly developed strategies. Most of this stuff is patented- so all I'll say is... the Pinch, the Dab, the Scrub, the Reverso Scrub, the Poke, the Twirl, and the WetOne.

I'd like to see a massive toilet that many people can use at once. It will have nine concentric circles representing Dante's nine circles of Hell. You have to walk down to the burning ring of fire that best matches your own burning ring of fire. That is one Divine Comedy!