Guess who's coming to dinner?

Next weekend sees us dog-sitting for Sean and Amber, as they head south to Busan to enjoy one of their few weekends left in Korea. Our temporary roomie is Kung ah gee, a four month old beagle with a wild side. We have been forewarned about his prolific nibbling proclivities, and will spend the next week puppy-proofing our apartment. This will likely include putting shoes in the cupboard, moving our First Folio to a higher bookshelf, and devouring my extensive "Beef Jerkies of the World" collection.

In other news, I noticed from our blog post counter that this is number 250. While we have taken some heat recently about our periodic posting of late, let us remind you that this is OOFALWO, not E(very)D(ay)OFALWO, and with 250 posts in 67 weeks, we are averaging 3.7313 entries per week, more than once every two days. When you factor in the stats I'm about to make up (average lifespan of a blog - 13.84 weeks; average number of postings per week - 1.67; average windspeed in the Seoul metropolitan area - 11.29 km/hour), we're sure that something accounts for other things.


Hey Man, Nice Bag

We here at OOFALWO love a good portmanteau as much as the next blog, but lately a particularly virulent example has begun to assail our sensibilities, and the time is now to speak out. So we ask, dear Reader, why the murse? Sure, men sometimes need to carry more than will fit in their pockets. In fact, I'm rarely seen without a novel, a notebook, and an umbrella in a bag slung over my shoulder, à la Jack Bauer. But lines must be drawn, clutches must be kiboshed, and Birkins need be banished lest all mankind devolve into an accessory melange of portability and haute couture.