Semongoh, Sarawak

Located about 20 kilometres outside Kuching, Semengoh is one of the world's few orangutan rehabilitation centres. Watching these creatures swing through the forest, eat the offered fruit, and care for their babies is truly fascinating. As you can see, the tourists (including us) were out in full force to capture the orangutan antics on film.

Faces of Borneo #4

Kuching, Sarawak


Dog's dinner

With profoundest apologies to Louis, Loki, Emma, and Zephyr, tonight I ate your brethren. No stranger to culturally-approved sources of protein, I would rank Korean dog meat right between feral Australian camel and giant Thai jungle beetles. Boneless, skinless chicken breast it ain't.



After a tough morning of prepubescence, not much beats taking a load off in an old wheelbarrow.



I'm always happy 4 cooperate. They had no magazines in the stall anyway.


The colour of our thoughts

From markets to ferries to local architecture, much of the allure of Kuching derives from its brightness.

Faces of Borneo #3

Semporna, Sabah



It's a little known fact that the capital of Sarawak province is one of Asia's most charming cities.


The old man in the sea

Some people see bunnies in fluffy white clouds or dancing bears in psychometric ink blots, but we see an octogenarian at rest in the islands off the coast of Semporna.


Faces of Borneo #2

Kota Kinabalu city centre.


Faces of Borneo #1

In Semporna market.