Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth...

So we were flying over the city in our helicopter the other day...well, alright, we have poached a picture from the Internet because the 'upload photo' function is still acting goofy. There is a post on the Blogger Help page apologizing for the inconvenience, so we hope to be able to return to regularly scheduled programming soon.

This photo gives you a good sense of the scope of the mountains encircling the city. Nothing too majestic, but enough to induce altitude sickness in flatlanders like us. You also get to see a pocket of big buildings densely packed together. This is only one of probably a hundred or so areas like this in Seoul. Even if we lived here for years, I can't imagine getting used to that.

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Garry said...

That's a great picture. You should've said that it was your pic; there's no one to correct you, right? And I actually believed for a second that you guys had a helicopter. I mean, I know Canadian teachers are paid well over there, and I thought, "why not? It's a possibility." But then I read the next line. You could've had me going for a while.