Give Peace a Chance

On Saturday, we took the subway to visit a palace in the northern part of the city. Walking out of the exit we encountered this, one of many tanks and SWAT buses lining the street and a massive police presence with boys in blue carrying riot shields. Lee, knowing my penchant for seeking out a good political rally, gritted his teeth and tried to steer me firmly in the opposite direction. I was not deterred, though, and went to seek out the action. (What can I say? I love to see freedom of assembly in vivo.) It turned out there was a small sit-in at a park on the corner. The protesters were guarded by police who wouldn't let me take pictures. The protesters, however, weren't the reason for the police guard. The American embassy is located on the same block as the park, and this is just a normal day protecting US soil on the chance that Kim Jong-Il ever storms into Seoul. What we call the Korean War is known in China and North Korea as the War to Resist America. In spite of a few armistice meetings 54 years ago, this conflict technically, and tangibly, rages on.

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mark said...

Sounds a lot like what the Quebecois call the War to Resist England (this war has raged on for some 300 years). It also sounds a lot like what the English call the War to Resist France (this one’s been ongoing since 1066). Putting these two facts together, we are left with the sad and ironic realization that the Quebec French have been resisting themselves the entire time. Tres dommage.