With only ten days until we leave for Turkey, it is the time to immerse ourselves in the essential vocabulary we will need to blend in with our Eurasian hosts. Yesterday after school we had our first (of one) 45 minute Survival Turkish class, with Altay leading eight of us through a four page handout of phonemes and blends. I of course was studious and attentive, while Deanna sat in the back sniggering at the words that sound funny in English (vok, dus, pu, pi to name a few). At this point the best we can hope for is that Altay not leave our sides or that we continually happen upon Constantinopleans well-versed in the art of charades.


The hut

After a month and a half of being outsmarted by youtube's "upload video" feature, here are some better-late-than-never moving pictures of our spring break in the Philippines.


Dear Sid

Happy 2554th! We got you the same Nothingness we got you last year, but in a different colour. Hope you like it, and thanks for the three day weekend.
Love Deanna and Lee



One of the places we'll be visiting next month is Cappadocia, this weird, rocky, cavey, spirey, pilgrimagey, moony-looking UNESCO site in central Turkey. We are hoping for blue skies and clear sailing so that we can take the balloon ride and survey what surely is an amazing place from above.


My Great Love

We are both relatively private people and public displays of affection are not often our thing. Yet I hijack OOFALWO on this day to sound my barbaric yawp over the cyber-roofs of the world and to thank Deanna for fourteen years of adventure, poetry, and love.


Post-race meal #2

Slightly disoriented from standing in the slanted room, we were surprised to learn that our race medals were not chocolate coins.


Half on the Han

Here's to Team RIS, who ran with style on Sunday morning.

Is there a better way to spend a sunny May Sunday?
Over the obligatory post-race feast, we already started to plan our next running event. (Photos and effects courtesy of Rebecca. Thanks, Meyer!)