Pick a latte, any latte.

With overpriced caramel macchiatos found on almost every corner, this discerning customer has developed a new criterion in making the choice of where to imbibe. One must not only be caffeinated, but entertained too. The full text on the Magos cup reads [and for once, I can confidently claim that none of these mistakes are mine]: Our success is totally rely on the achievement of customer satisfaction through high value-added service and trust. The meaning of "MAGOS" "Special Magician who create and furnish mysterious taste" "MAGOS" will always furnish delight service, special taste, and fresh menu for all our customers. These are our goals and spirit.

Sure beats the Starbucks mermaid.


mark said...

So, we know the Magos magician and Starbucks mermaid are in competition. I wonder when this competition started? I think it's a fued over the history of a stirstick.

One story is...The Magician, Magos, told of the prophecy that only the rightful heir to the throne and descendant of Juan Pendragon (or was it Uther Valdez), could pull an enchanted stirstick out of a halfcaff- no whip- double shot caramel macchiato to claim control of the coffee kingdom. Tim Horton pulled the stirstick from the macchiato and named it (the stick, not the cup) Excalibur. He then went on to assemble the Knights of the Round Cup; Sir Nabob, Sir Maxwell of the House, and Sir Sanka.

Yet, legend tells us...One day, while walking along the shore of Arabica Lake, Tim Horton saw something peculiar. The hand of a young mermaid emerged out of the water and offered Horton a stirstick. Horton accepted the stirstick from this lady of the lake. Then she told him that “whoeth ever shall possess this most stirry of sticks shall be able to rolleth-up thy rim to win.”

When it comes to choosing the winner- magician or mermaid- we all know that every story ends in a Fin.

Lee and Deanna said...

"Surely a more stirring retelling of a steamy tale there has never bean. And timely too - better latte than never." - Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General