Spring break

Not that I am not enjoying the boundless energy and exuberance of a room full of ten year olds infected with spring fever, because I am. I'll enjoy it even more 76 hours from now, when they head home to torture their parents for nine days and we head to Malapascua Island. A three hour flight from Seoul to Cebu, a few hours on a bus to the port, then an hour on a ferry takes us to a week of three-naps-a-day and plenty of paperback novel consumption.


Turkish TV Stars

Months ago, before I started work at RIS, a film crew came and shot footage of the school for a well-known Turkish TV show. You can watch this clip - it's edited down from 45 minutes to 5. And it's all in Turkish, but at least you can see what the school looks like and how cute the students are. Most importantly, there are a couple of good shots of Lee doing his thing.