All good things

Bright and early tomorrow morning, we get back to educating the kiddies. In keeping with the ancient Korean tradition of posting a picture of bubbling fountains on one's blog to mark the end of a fantastically invigorating holiday, I've posted a picture of bubbling fountains to mark the end of a fantastically invigorating holiday.


Looking Down

The view from the top of Daemosan, January 1, 2010.


Aeschylus for Mayor

Gwangju is famous for its falling anvils. Since the Shilla dynasty, Gwangju citizens have been taught to cast their eyes skyward to seek out airborne tools of the forge. Children are taught from the earliest age to be ever vigilant for heavy iron blocks in flight. The municipal government issues safety helmets to all citizens, then puts these signs around the tourist areas of town, lest travellers forget to don appropriate headgear.


And two eyes made out of beans

Bored baristas + snowdrift = Starbucks snow family


The south part of South Korea

This morning's conversation in our house (pre-coffee):
Deanna: What should I blog about?
Lee: How about a picture of Mokpo?
Deanna: OK. I chose a picture. I don't know what to say about Mokpo.
Lee: Mokpo is nice.
Although it may not be creative or inspired, loyal readers, there you have it. 



As it was snowing yesterday, Deanna and I were joking about how excited we were to see that much winter whiteness. We joined thousands of Seoulites in going out to take pictures and videos, like snow was some kind of novelty to a couple of erstwhile prairie kids. Turns out, according to this AP story, our glee had some historical merit.

It seems it will take at least a few days to get back to normal. Sidewalks are piled high, cars are abandoned under huge drifts, and we haven't seen a McDonalds delivery scooter since the weekend.


A revolution of snow

This morning we awoke to the heaviest snowfall we've seen in three years in Seoul. As proud owners of a new camera with better video capabilities than our last one, we bundled up for a frolic in the flakes. Since it is a new decade, we've decided to finally adapt to the technology of the last decade and add moving pictures to the OOFALWO thrill ride.


Give me your tired...

There was a myriad of sleeping options in Gwangju. We could have chosen the place with the giant windmill on top, the ersatz Kremlin, or the love motel whose front step was littered with flyers featuring half-naked Korean women. In the end, we went with the faux Statue of Liberty hotel where we yearned, nay, felt our breath flowing more freely from the moment we entered.


2009: A Year in Review

January, Mill Bay BC, Snow.

February, Seoul, Teahouse.

March, Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul Marathon.

April, Busan, Cherry Blossoms.

May, Gwanghwado Ultra, 100 km.

June, Mabul, Borneo.

July, Yangpyeong. A day in the countryside.

August, Calgary. A whirlwind trip.

September, Hanbok.

October, Yeongdong Ultra 101 km.

November, Yangjaecheon. A five-minute run away from our new apartment.

December, Gwangjucheon. Crane technique. If do right, no can defence.

Here's to Twenty Ten

From the OOFALWO Home Office in Gaepo-sa-dong, best wishes for a joyous and blogorific new year.