Olympic dreams

After 41.8 kilometers, we were none of citius, altius, fortius, but we were all thrilled to run our last 400 meters on the track in Olympic Stadium. The plaudits of the throng may not have been as deafening as they were twenty years ago, but neither were any of us likely to face the ignominy that Ben Johnson brought upon himself on this same homestretch.


Before and After

Today was a beautiful day for a run. Blue skies, cool temperatures, and a light breeze made for perfect marathon weather. For Lee and I, running through what are usually the busiest parts of Seoul without a single car on the roads was a very new and much quieter way to see the city, while Chris and Ali got to see more of the neighbourhoods than they could in a couple days of sightseeing. Here we are at the start line. And here we are a few hours later, weary but happy with our accomplishment. Chip times won't be posted until tomorrow, but watch times have Lee at 3:35, Chris and Ali at 4:01, and me at 4:27.



We haven't posted here for a few weeks. We had visitors. It was great. We ate food. We laughed lots. We saw sights. They made us tired. Now they're gone and we miss them. We get more visitors tomorrow. Visitors are good. Come visit us. We'll probably not post for another few weeks. We'll post more posts about the visiting visitors who visited us when the next set of visiting visitors aren't visiting us anymore.