The age-old debate

Which is better? Free weights or machines? Fortunately, in Seoul neighbourhood parks you are never forced to make these tough decisions. With enough options to satisfy the most hard-core of muscleheads (providing those muscleheads never need to heave more than 20 kg), one wonders how the health clubs even stay in business.

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mark said...

This one’s easy. The answer you are looking for is that the Health Clubs stay in business by filling their rooms with playground equipment.
Only after Korea’s extremely toned children grow up to be adults and join a Health Club are they able to enjoy the thrill of climbing on the Monkey Bars or sliding down the Elephant’s tail.

The higher-end clubs come with personal trainers, “Ok, give me three reps of ten on the swingset before we move to sandbox pushups.” I’ve even heard that the Korean version of Curves is renowned for its merry-go-round. “Hold on tight ladies! Only three-hundred more cycles!”

The problem is that Korean’s don’t have a lot of time to get to these Heath Clubs. As a result, the serious are caught in a wicked downward spiral of seriousness. They become overly concerned with their jobs, they don’t get a lot of jokes, and they couldn’t mix a metaphor to get themselves out of a wet paper bag of hammers. For these unfortunate folks, fun is a four letter word.