When soup is art

Let me begin by stating for the record that pop-art has never been my cup of tea. It's not even close to cracking the top four on my list of Things I Like With the Word 'Pop' (popcorn, soda pop, pop rocks, and popsicles). Imagine my joy then when Deanna read that an Andy Warhol exhibition has come to Seoul, and we could go see it! This on the heels of the Great Shanghai Trek of 2005, where we traversed that city in Biblically torrential rain looking for the soupcon of soup cans in a different Warhol roadshow. The gallery was in Insadong, sort of the Broadway Avenue of Seoul (minus the $2 smokies at Boryski's) and one of our favourite haunts. Deanna really enjoyed it, and I begrudgingly and curmudgeonly did too.

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