DMZ with a side of Bisnett

In the background is the North Korean building where Communists, Stalinists, and Fascists alike stand to gawk across the military demarcation line (border, to you non-military types) at the Capitalists on tour. The blue buildings mid-frame are the Joint Security buildings we wrote about previously - half in one of the world's great economic powers and half in the world's most ideologically insular fiefdom.
In the foreground is our guide, the affable, fast-talking, and highly charismatic Sgt. Tom Bisnett, a walking compendium of both official knowledge (the history, costs, and statistics of a half century of conflict) and the arcane (apparently, should you find yourself playing a shoot 'em up computer game called Mercenaries, there are some geographical inaccuracies regarding the placement of Checkpoints Three and Four). Like most military and English teaching personnel, Bisnett is counting down time remaining in-country. Seven months from now with this Korean tour complete, he hopes to be redeployed with his squadron of Rangers from Fort Hood for his third tour to the Iraqi frontline.

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