Sae hae bok mahn ee pah du sae oh

Literally, "Year New blessings many please receive", and a brief insight into the devilish workings of Ural-Altaic word order (not surprisingly then, Korean is a snap for Turks and Mongols). Linguistic challenges notwithstanding, Happy New Year to all. Not only is this the Year of the Pig (like the Chinese, who actually invented the myth, Koreans eschew the Occident's fancified Boar for plain-old Pig), which happens once every twelve years, but it is the Golden Pig, which happens once in sixty years. Highly auspicious for those looking to increase their fortune and/or their brood. We feel it best to kick the year off in style, and have decided to cook some bacon golden-brown for breakfast, a tradition we are sure to abandon come Years of Dog, Rat, and Horse.

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