In the spirit of the day...

Well, we could get married in a church, or an inn, or a garden, or our parents' living room...nah, too boring. Let's get married in the resplendent pink wedding palace! You know, the one with the Disney lights! The one-stop, plastic flowers, non-specific banners (Congratulations to the beautiful bride and handsome groom!) place on the really busy traffic circle! Love can be beautiful and efficient.

Korea has taken Valentine's Day to its logical extreme. First, on February 14, is "Red Day", when the girls pay homage to the boys, with far more than the usual fare of chocolates and flowers. Matching leopard-print thong underwear, intricate crafts woven of red ribbons, there are no limits to the romantic fervor. Then, just as surely comes the response, a month later, on "White Day", when lovestruck lads reciprocate. Again, this is far too subtle and festive a time to resort to the standards of poetry and long-stems. Instead, nothing less than petit sachets of bear bile, known for its wildly aphrodisiacal properties, could sate the heart of an amorous lass. Finally, and perhaps predictably, on April 1, comes "Black Day", when singles the country over congregate to eat specially prepared black noodles and mourn their non-involvement in the previous machinations of love.

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