A little perspective

As beautiful as Seoul is, it is difficult to escape the sheer number of people. We read in the newspaper today that over 34 million people will be travelling this weekend, as returning to one's hometown is a time-honoured New Year tradition. Planes, trains, and buses have been booked solid for weeks. Fortunately, we have decided to stay close to home.
And so, some numbers: for each city, we have found the area in square kilometers of the greater metropolitan area, as well as the most recent population statistics. Eye-opening indeed, and not surprising that on virtually any street you stand in Seoul, you receive an eyeful of twelve to twenty storied apartment buildings, one after the next, complex after complex.
Saskatoon - 3680 sq. km - 220 000 people
Calgary - 5080 sq. km - 1.1 million people
Regina - 3400 sq. km - 200 000 people
Montreal - 4090 sq. km - 3.4 million people
Seoul - 2370 sq. km - 22.8 million people.

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