Who knew?

Apparently, way back in 1999, Kunming hosted the World Horticultural Expo. How that slipped by without us knowing is a mystery - we're usually very up on our international gardening extravaganzas. The legacy of what surely must have been wild times had by all is an enormous amount of well-tended green space on the edge of town.

We initially balked at the price of admission [see also: Butchart Gardens, Victoria 2002 with Bruce, Terri, and Lily; Butterfly World, Kuala Lumpur, last month; in front of our hut, Malapascua Island 2009, some dude's suitcase full of seashells] but since we had walked for over an hour to get there, we decided to pony up the sixteen bucks and go in. It turned out to be a great decision, with no vehicles, no crowds, a dinosaur and a galleon festooned with flowers, a bunch of oldies flying high-tech kites, and a few playful puppies to help us wile away a blue-skied Sunday.

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