Three hots

Monday to Friday we eat in the school cafeteria. The food, to understate the fact, has been outstanding. Chef Li has been honing her craft for 22 years, and has received some sort of Master Craftsperson designation from the government. She buys her fruits, vegetables, and meat direct from the farmers daily, and puts out at least ten dishes for each meal. Many of these dishes, to Deanna's delight, are green and leafy. Many of the others, to my delight, are hot and spicy.

On weekends we are left to fend for ourselves. We found an excellent noodle house close to the school, have been for hot pot, and today found Salvador's, opened years ago by an American and now serving up an impressive array of brunch choices. My Mexican breakfast (eggs, potatoes, beans, homemade salsa, and a warm tortilla) and Deanna's Greek omelette were tasty; more importantly though, in a city still without its first Starbucks [gasp], an endless stream of strong dark coffee.

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