Let's catch up, shall we?

I'm going back in time to show you a few more pictures of Malaysia. Go get yourselves a cup of tea and enjoy. First up is the bus ride from KL to Lumut. We were accompanied by Jian Ghomeshi and six hours of Q podcasts - highly recommended by both of us if you need to fill time on a long journey. If you look closely in the rearview mirror, you'll see our seriously hot bus driver, who looked as if he might hop off the bus at any moment and run an ultra (though let's be honest, he's nothing compared to Lee).
From Lumut, we took the ferry to Pangkor. We actually spent Lunar New Year on this island in February, 2000. It pains me to type this because Malaysia has always held a warm and special place in my travel memories, but the last decade hasn't been kind to this little place. After the ferry crossing and a short taxi ride, we arrived at the beach where we spent our first holiday to see this:
The giant construction pit on what was once a beach coupled with a pretty severe garbage problem led to a less than sunny first day for me. Fortunately, as you know from the post "Tough Day at the Office," we did find a stretch of sandy beach further down the road to wile away a few days, and ever-affable Lee convinced me that when the prawns in your salad look like this, it's impossible to feel morose.

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