The Not-so Mighty Kamogawa

One of our favourite things about living in Saskatoon was being near the footpaths of the South Saskatchewan. One of our favourite things about living in Seoul is our close proximity to the Han River. As it turned out, the Kamo River was just a few steps from our guesthouse, bisecting Kyoto and providing photo opportunities, an ideal way to navigate the city on foot, and lovely views for our morning runs.


mark said...

Yeah, I remember that low-rider. The Kamogawa river gawa. Was there a massive two-story Starbucks on the corner of a bridge?

Lee and Deanna said...

Yep, the Buck is still there. One rainy day found us encamped in a table at the window for a three beverage, three cookies, and one book spell. And one of us, not saying which one [Deanna], refused to leave when even I reached my sitting in one place threshhold.