National Treasure No.1

Here is the photograph of Namdaemun, the Great South Gate, that we posted exactly one year ago today.

And here is Namdaemun as it appeared two nights ago. Today police arrested the 70 year old arsonist responsible for the loss of one of Korea's most beloved buildings.


mark said...

This post impacted me more than I was ready for. I visited the South Gate as part of my three day visa run to Seoul, during my halcyon days. They should let loose an arsonist on that old bastard's balls.

Lee and Deanna said...

Agreed. A little Old Testament style retribution. The codger did it because he feels government officials didn't pay him fully or timely for some property he sold them years ago. The same old arsehole also served two years for burning down part of one of the palaces, another World Heritage Site, about 7 years ago. How do you say recidivism in Korean?