That's a fine chapeau, Tenzing.

Denied entry into the Buddhist Art Museum, we wandered around some of the small alleyways in the area. We stumbled onto the Tibet Museum, an unassuming home converted into a storehouse of traditional Tibetan costume, centuries old statuary, and antique wall hangings. While the placards were written in Korean, we were handed the only English document on offer - a small brochure for the museum detailing the origin of some Tibetan thought. To this day, Tibetans greet one another with the phrase "Tashi delek" (which roughly translates as "May many good things come to you") and may stick their tongues out at each other. While the entire story of this tradition is much too long to recount in OOFALWO (it was a very detailed brochure), suffice it to say that the tale involves a tyrannical king, nubile virgins, much chicanery, some shenanigans, and not a little bloodshed. Two memorable, and in the brochure, not at all unrelated, quotes have left an indelible mark on us, and will most certainly colour our impressions and understanding of Tibet from this day on: "King Lhadarama killed the girls because of his lack of self-confidence" and "All Tibetan people really love to wear hats."

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