Mea culpa

Given the immediate and impassioned response of some loyal readers, we at OOFALWO seek to clarify the intent of yesterday's post. At no time did we wish to equate the notion of advanced age with the reality of turning fifty. Fifty is middle-aged for most, and not even that for sea turtles. Rather, we were referring to the fact that the average age of a blog is 16.37 posts before it is rendered inactive, a statistic we have just made up to suit our own purpose. And so, for those whose eyesight has not yet failed, a random photo of a random street in a random state of gridlock.

1 comment:

mark said...

16.37 posts, huh? That sounds about right. After all, 23% of all stats are made up.

As for the "immediate response"- I didn't see one. I guess I'll have to issue a challooooonge- telemiracle style (as little bro would say). Meet or beat this comment, OOFALWO followers. Think of all the children who would love to read your words. If that appeal doesn't move you, think of poor Billy Barty. All he wanted was a second scoop of gruel.