Teacher, me no pencil.

As part of their daily homework, students are asked to take words from their vocabulary lists and write sentences. Charged with this onerous task, many students turn to other sources for help, be it an electronic dictionary, an Internet translation site, or a well-meaning but misinformed parent. The results are predictable; some sentences are simple, others mundane, and many just plain mystifying. Occasionally we encounter a gem, a nugget so profound or linguistically complex that it burns indelibly into our psyche. The sentences presented here are verbatim as they appeared in the students' notebooks, as no editorial flourish of ours could improve on these originals:
from Lisa, age 8: He knock the bejabbers out of the other person.
from Julia, age 11: It was lecherous times and the woman's not happy.
from Walter, age 13: I have mysterious balls.

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