Home free

Two things happened in Kuala Lumpur that made us feel homeless. We had to go to the Chinese embassy to get tourist visas for our upcoming trip to Kunming. Filling out the application proved difficult because we are actually residents of nowhere. We applied for non-residency status in Canada while living in Seoul and forfeited our Alien Registration Cards in the Incheon airport, thus invalidating our Korean temporary resident claim. Currently, we have no employer and no address.

Then while shopping in the Central Market, I saw a couple of things I liked and would have bought. I realized, "home" is currently a storage facility in Calgary, a shipping company in Korea, or my own little backpack. While the blanket I liked would have looked great in our apartment in Korea, we have no apartment in Korea. Apologies for the belated realization, readers, but it suddenly struck me right there in Peter Hoe's store that we are untethered to any place in every way except the emotional.

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