To say that we ate well and much in Turkey would be another massive understatement. On this particular day in Konya, we started with a vast breakfast spread at our home-stay (including, to Deanna's great delight, the local version of PB and J - sweetened tahini paste and rose jam), then continued a few hours later for two meters each [not a typo] of pide, Turkish pizza. We've had pide before at the Turkish restaurants in Seoul, but apparently in Konya, size matters.

The school had arranged for two of the nine nights we were in Turkey to be spent with host families, as a chance to give us a more intimate sense of Turkish hospitality and culture. Deanna and I had two wonderful nights, staying with lovely and interesting folks, who tried their best to fatten us up. In Konya we were fortunate to stay with Ayhan, our school's former business manager now back home to finish his Ph.D, and his parents. Ayhan's mom very discreetly and sweetly managed to pull Deanna aside after breakfast to practice some of the English she had learned for the occasion.

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