To begin our journey through this ancient city, a little bit of history brought to you by Samsung. Go, Korea!
Our tour guide was excellent. She pointed out the Temples built to various gods and goddesses, the small theatre, Curetes street, and the Gate of Heracles.
It wasn't until we got here, however, that the place really came to life...

But the best came near the end of the road, where the Esphesus Library stands. The oldest library in antiquity, it once held twelve thousand scrolls. The statues on the front represent wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and virtue, the last of which also reflects the ancient sense of irony, as an underground tunnel connected the library to the brothel across the way, thereby allowing would-be scholars to ignore those scrolls in favour of a different kind of pleasure.
At this point, it seemed like a good idea for all the loyal RISers to sit down and enjoy story hour with their librarian...

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