Just 45 minutes outside Kuching via Must-careen-through-traffic-at-MACH-speed-with-music-blaring-loudly-enough-to-split-eardrums Deathmobile minivan is Kubah National Park and the 912m Gunung Serapi. We followed a paved but traffic-free road to the summit, as the morning mist was heavy enough at one point to qualify itself as a character in a Stephen King novel.

The fog did nothing to deter a gaggle of monks from reaching the summit barefooted. It made for a slighly surreal but very serene scene at the top, as the monks meditated then ate while their clothes were hung to dry. The nothingness of footwear did not hamper them on the trails we followed back down to the park entrance though, as a number of times we had to step off the path to let the fleet of foot pass.

We relied on the kindness of strangers for a lift back to town at the end of a sweaty day. John and Robinson were great company, full of interesting facts about the area, and more than happy to introduce us to a frosty glass of fruit juice indigenous to the hills of Sarawak before bidding adieu.

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