Rainy Day Reading

Well, I guess our perfect summer weather couldn't last, and when it went, it happened in an instant. I was wandering the city, as I do when I'm on holidays and on my own, when the sky grew dark and a thunderstorm of near-epic proportion blew through town. As I was without an umbrella (which would have proved useless anyway in the torrential downpour that followed), I took refuge in a bakery/coffee shop. Luckily, I had with me a copy of David Ebershoff's The 19th Wife, the story of Ann Eliza, one of Brigham Young's many wives. The early history of the Mormon church and Ann Eliza's story is intertwined with a contemporary murder mystery on a compound in Utah. For some reason, reading about polygamist Mormons is one of my favourite kinds of subcultural rubbernecking. If the fascination is mutual, I recommend the Ebershoff novel, Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven, or if you don't feel like reading, a few episodes of Big Love.

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