A fine day indeed

Those who know me well know a few things - I don't sleep on airplanes, I'm virtually unbeatable at Tetris, and I love to watch marathons and triathlons from the comfort of my own couch.

In the final event of the Beijing Olympics, Sammy Wanjiru, a 21 year old Kenyan, ran what is now being hailed by many sports journalists as the greatest marathon ever. Though two minutes short of the world record, he obliterated both the Olympic record and arguably the strongest field in history, running in high heat and humidity to a 2:06 finish. 2:06 is a darn fine half marathon time for most of us.

Half a world away in Penticton, Chris and Alison were obliterating records of their own, taking huge amounts of time off their Ironman Canada personal bests. Those old records, of course, were set before they had two more mouths to feed, which proves not only how effective they are at managing their time, but how dedicated and disciplined they are in fulfilling their goals. Deanna and I watched via the Internet live feed, and couldn't have been more proud.

And my crowning achievement on the anniversary of my birth? A record-setting demolition of the finest pan of puffed wheat cake that has ever been brought down from the heavens above. Well, from Deanna, who so kindly trounced around the city to find the ingredients before whipping it up.

Thanks to all who called or sent me birthday messages - very much appreciated.

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