Accidental tourists

Deanna and I had wanted to visit Kyoto for a very long time. We spent great amounts of time researching the trip, and promised ourselves that we would be very active tourists (fighting against the urge to settle into a comfortable inn or a cozy guesthouse and read, which we could do just as well at home). We knew in advance of our arrival of the great range of temples, parks, gardens, and mountains we hoped to visit. It is funny now that one of the most memorable places for us was one that does not appear in any guide books or on any internet must-see lists, an area we stumbled into by dint of incidental wandering. This graveyard near our guesthouse was solemn, serene, and beautiful.


mark said...

From the photo, it looks like it might be the one close to... memory hazy... NanSenJi? (The large temple at the end of the Philosopher's Trail). If it is the same one, I agree with your comments. The headstones were shaped such that it was sort of like OBSERVING at a city from a LONG WAY OFF.
While I'm commenting... I thought you guys had, like, 400 pics? Bring them on! I'm thinking around 10 per day. Remember, we the OOFALWOR haven't had any goodness for about 2 months. You give a starving child a buffet, not a small amount to eat... uhhh... scratch that.
Welcome back.

mark said...

Had "looking at", them changed looking to OBSERVING but didn't notice that the "at" was still there. I'm not the Particle Verb Loser; I'm just crap ar proofreading.

Lee and Deanna said...

Right you are, loyal reader - very close to the Philosopher's Trail. As for 10 pics a day, that will kill our "drag Kyoto out til May" plan, reducing us to the depths of the "here's a newsstand" nadir that we hit last year. Oh look, here's D standing next to a sign with Korean letters. Hey look, here I am with people around me. World's worst blog.