Movemus, ergo sumus

This will be our last regularly scheduled post before the new year. We will try to post sporadically, but considering we will be living in hotels (in Seoul until the 17th, then in Kyoto for ten days) and our computer will be living in a box, this break is unavoidable. We move into our new apartment at the end of December. We went to see the place last weekend, knowing beforehand that it would be "cozy". It is small as promised, but in a nice building much more centrally located than we are now. We are looking forward to being a few minutes walk from two different subway lines, giving us easy access to whatever kind of shenanigans we want to get ourselves into.

Deanna completed her contract at Heritage yesterday. There were some tears, some laughs, and some nice cards and letters from the students. We both enjoyed our time there, met and worked with some wonderful people, and feel that as far as first jobs in Korea go, we really lucked out. This afternoon we are meeting friends for drinks then heading to Everest for Indian food, a pleasant way for Deanna to begin a five week break before having to start work at her new school.

And in the midst of all this change, a little legerdemain. One of us is bursting with delirious anticipation that the World Magic Show, featuring some of the best stage magicians and mentalists from around the globe, will take place here at the end of December. I'm a little excited too.

And so, as OOFALWO's first calendar year nears its end, a photo of the sun setting over the East Sea.

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