Happy Korean Independence Day!

Forgive us, readers, for we have slacked. It's been three weeks since our last blogging. We are happy, well, still enamored with our adopted homeland, and busy. Our school runs an intensive summer camp for the kiddies to coincide with their Korean school holiday. For us, this means a ton of overtime and little time for much else. We get back to business as usual on the 27th, which should give us opportunity to get back out in search of blog-worthy snapshots.

We also find ourselves mired in the rainy season, making our umbrellas honorary appendages. The Korea Herald's esteemed meteorological prognosticators have promised a few more weeks until the respite of autumn. We have been running at 5:30 in the morning to beat the heat, but even then it is rarely cooler than 25 degrees and 80-plus percent humidity. A prolific sweater in the cool, dry Saskatchewan winters, I look like I've dragged myself out of the pool after a few miles.

Our nine days of vacation were wonderfully relaxing. Due to some hospital visits for final medical checks from January's shenanigans, we stayed in Seoul. We went to a few museums and galleries, rode the subway out to parts of this immense city that we had not yet been to, had some nice picnics in the park, and read. We think the owner of the bookshop will probably be sending his kids to Harvard based on what we spent there over the last few months.

It is amazing to us that we have been here for almost ten months. Tempus fugit. Though, we are still awaiting our first visitors from home. No pressure, but Brian, our colleague from Rancho Cucamonga, has had two visitors already, and two more within the month. And he's only been here since April. Now, we'll make it worth the while of the first OOFALWO reader to get here - we've got a good bibimbap place to take you to, our treat.

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