You shall be saved

In the eyes of the Church, Korea is a Christian "success story." One third of all Koreans - about 14 million - identify as Protestant, another three million as Catholic, numbers which have doubled every decade since 1960. The Christian presence in Seoul is immediately apparent. There is a church on every block, many with neon crosses lit up at night. On Sundays, some of the more boisterous congregations parade through Seoul with megaphones and matching vests. The pious man pictured above is part of a well-organized and vocal group that prays in the Myeong-Dong market every Sunday.

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mark said...

No specific comment on this one- don't want to pull a "Casey at bat".

Any parades, concerts, even mumbling today in your part of the world as Canada celebrates its 140th?

Glad to see OOFALWO is back. Carry on with the good OOFALWORK.