Sam Gyepsal for President

As much as there are intrinsic rewards and numerous moments of joy guiding young Koreans through the linguistic quagmire of the Queen's English, the veritable highlight of a work week is our Friday night staff dinner. There is a BBQ restaurant across the street from our school, and some weeks we are down the stairs before the students, driven by our zeal for sam gyep sal. Perhaps the greatest of Asian cuisine, sam gyep sal is chunks of pork, generously marbled and surrounded with fat, grilled crispy and golden brown in front of your eyes, like magic. On paper, it's a bit of a heart stopper (the rough equivalent that one teacher could find on the Weightwatchers nutrition guide was non-cured bacon, with 900ish calories and 79g of fat for a 200g serving - 200g and I'm just getting started). Pure deliciousness, and accompanied as always by side dishes ranging from kimchi to assorted vegetables to the puffy egg delight (our translation from the Korean name we don't know anyway).

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